måndag, juni 02, 2008

Europäische Bewunderung

Ungefär något så här står det i intervjun i Soli Extra, den tyska tidningen som jag skrev om tidigare:

Name: Eva Westerberg

union or organization: President of Saco Student council, Swedish confederation of professional associations

focus of work: Education, labour market and student issues

age: 26

The worst prejudice concerning my country is: That there are polar bears walking around in the streets in Sweden. No, it's not.

This is my favourite european projekt: Well, if we leave the European song contest out if it (I acctually love it!) I must say that the fact that we today can travel as we want in Europe is absolutly fantastic. Young people around Europe work and study abroad, and travelling a lot and that we have this opportunity, this freedom, is wonderful.

There is something I don't understand in politics made in Bruxelles: I think that the politicians in Brussels don't really get the people in their countries to understand what they acctually doing. I'll guess it's not just their fault, it's also a problem made by the media and so on. But the focus of today is often like "this is how long a European cucumber is allowed to be", and not the important issues.

Europe's urgent need is: to strenghten up when it comes to education and research, in the competion with the rest of the world we need to really focus on the goals from the Lissabon process.

This country of Europe is a big surprise, because: I think all countries in the old East is a surprise, after all these years of isolation from the rest of the world it's really fantastic to see the development of Estonia, Hungary and so on.

My first experience with the European Union was: The swedish election in 1994.

I would like to live in this european country: UK or Germany, I've lived in London for a while after school and it was great. I studied german for 5 years in school and it would be nice to try to remember something more than "Ich heisse Eva und ich bin 26 Jahre alt"

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